Consumers “Deep Insights”, do they change over time?

When we analyze our consumers, every Researcher or Marketer dreams about finding the Insight that will allow their Brand to differentiate and if it is well executed would increase exponentially their sales. But are our key findings perdurable in time?

As kick off I would like you to see Chandlers Bing New Computer Video:

His brand new computer has 12 MB of RAM and 500MB of Hard Disk, and he use it for games and stuff. And we start thinking, what would we say today with computers of more 32 GB ( 32000 MB; It is 2666X times Chandler’s Computer) and hard drives in around Terabytes, but we keep on using it for having fun. So what I want to reach the conclusion that the true insight has no change and it is: PEOPLE LIKE TO HAVE FUN

Yes we know that we did not discorver dynamite but it is important to recall it, because even time passes and people change, true deep insights will remain.

I always remember a quote from a very important member from my job in P&G: "The deeper the Insights is, the more universal it becames. People is like an onion and our true insights are in the inner layers". That's why we can apply them for a wider target or segment. But despite the good it looks like, those insights are the most difficult to discover. Thats the main reason of why better insights are (some times) discovered when you look in consumer that is not your average. Because all the uncertainity allows us an easier way to reach their inner thoughts and from the understanding of their behaviour we can develop very valuable insights.

Thank you very much for your time! I hope you enjoy.
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